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Staff at <a href="" target="_blank">Ideal World</a> have seen much more recently of founders <a href="" target="_blank">Paul Wright</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Val Kaye</a>.<br /><br /><img src="/images/idealhomehouse.jpg" border="1" alt="Ideal Home House" title="Ideal Home House" width="540" height="184" /><br /><br />A source said "Rumours around Ideal Home House is that the duo are buying back the shares they sold at around £4 each for current bargain prices of under 50p. It will be interesting to see whether their relationship with Michael Hamcox is warmer than the glacial one that existed between them and the recently departed, and unlamented, Andrew Fryatt."<br /><br />Paul Wright and Val Kaye, who founded the company in the 1980s, resigned from the board in 2007 but retained a combined stake of about 21%. On Monday they lifted that to 29.43%, prompting some analysts to wonder if they wanted to get back on the board or stage a buy-out. If their combined stake rises to 30% or more, they are obliged to make a bid.<!--StartSdNewsForum--><br /><br />
Its a shame its too late for some of the better and more caring members of staff who are to lose their jobs because of bad management, lets see if they can continue to pull the wool over Michael Hamcox's eyes like they did to Andrew Fryatt or lets just hope he can spot the bad wood before its too late for the whole business:64:
Ideal have also sold off some of their night time hours on freeveiw to a porn channel to try and recoup some losses back, but this wont save them alone. two years back things looked promising the sets looked great and things seemed to look and feel more proffesional, Frayatt must have had alot of bad advise from the current management team, the customer service is poor the sets dont seem to compliment the products, although both the products and sets have been getting cheaper and more tacky
They also need a presenter with the charisma that Steve Whatley brought to the channel. So to get that feel back they had a couple of years ago, they need a new zany presenter and some new decent products less busy sets and a clear direction for the company to head, too survive the current situation they are in.
Sorry your comment relating to the topic title or to tv shoppers post? ha ha ha!

IW selling off late night air time to a porn channel! Ha ha ha!

Can you imagine SW pushing an "ex-wiz-ate" 4 day deal for them!....Um actually, lets not!

I've had some good stuff from IW and it would be a shame if the business fails. I've always thought it to be the "Woolies" of the shopping channels, which isn't a bad thing, but like Woolies they need to have a clear direction and style. I think Woolies failed because it wsan't unique anymore and was taken over by the supermarkets. IW is still unique but they need to stop doing things like changing programmes at teh last moment and bringing on these blockbusters that are on 4 or 5 hours each day until they sell out. People just get bored and don't bother having a look to see what is on. But I hope the business survives as it would be a shame to see it fail.
I used to flick on and see what they had now its all repeat repeat repeat!

It's boring

oh and did i say, It's boring, or have i just repeated myself:24:
I agree a couple of years ago things looked up, now they seem to have gone downhill again. Looks like they are trying to save money, but on a tv channel that isn't smart if your presentation suffers. Cheap sets and poor lighting all make it look rubbish, whatever the products are like, and frankly most of those look tacky too. Hancox should sort out the television side of things, assuming someone is in charge of it.

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