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Former GemsTV presenter Ian Danter will be reunited with Steve Bennett tomorrow afternoon on www.rocks.tv.
Ian Danter is great!

Often presents on Talk Sport radio as well.

I love his impressions!!!
That's great news, I'm looking forward to it already. He was alsways a bit irreverent and came out with some great phrases. One I remember is: Let's bring in the ruler of truth - she never lies!
Great I loves Ian on tele or radio. Not so sure about the hair style though. Deffo a look for Radio. :30:


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He was one of the original presenters on SnatchIt which turned into Gemstv. I imagine he's a good friend of Steve's - it would be great if it weren't just a one-off appearance and he became a regular presenter on Rocks.
He used to head up the Barmy Brummies show on BRMB (Birmingham local radio) and he was absolutely top class, very very funny indeed. I think he toned down alot when he went national (ie SnatchIt/Gems and TalkSport).

He was also on the tannoy at Birmingham City and had a great rapport with the fans, especially when there was a substitution for the opposition when he'd read out the player's name as if he'd never heard of them and then fans'd yell "WHO???" Totally unique footie experience.

Great days.
Top of the Gems voice over

:1: It's Fab news Ian is great fun... remember "Top of the gems"!!!!?
Ian did the voice over for it.....
Knock on the door it's no.4 etc...lol:29:

Mirabelle xx:40:

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