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Jun 25, 2008
all the 'w' idealworld.tv

Tried for the 1st time ever to go to the website but the progress indicator hangs on 3 bars and goes no further. Any one else have this prob? My internet is otherwise perfect

Hasn't worked for me in weeks now - both in Internet Explorer and Firefox and on about 3 different machines. It starts to load up then gets so far and stops, or I can get on there but can't actually view anything at all. Which is no great shakes to me really, but I've been trying to order my mother another Polopancho for this winter and as a result of not being able to get on there to order one, I've taken my custom elsewhere - and got a brand new one off e-b@y instead, £3 cheaper and delievered much quicker! Very poor service from IW again.

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