I thought Rocks & Co were wanting to be different?


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Jun 29, 2008
Rocks & Co said "Generally we are going for lesser known presenters in order to mould them into the JML style and build a direct association with the channel."

I thought Rocks & Co were going for a different presentation of their jewellery but all it's just the same as Gems TV without the music. A lot of shouting and 'Hurry if you want to get this...the phones are really busy...' all they need to do is start shouting out the names of the people who are buying (and that REALLY bugged me) and it will be identical presenting style
As predicted the presenter who's on at the moment has just been rattling off a list of names...Sue from Essex, Mandy from Liverpool, June from Bristol...do I care who's buying? We don't know the quantities so why bother? What if they don't like having their names broadcast? I know I wouldn't, don't want the other half knowing what I'm buying
I had a quick look yesterday its the same old thing in my opinion but seeing caroline in the same outfit she wore a lot on gems made me think so whats new sorry this isnt for me though i did spot one of the presenters wearing what looked like a rocks tv silver and pearl ring on in an interview? strange i thought!
I watched some of the catch up show this morning with Vicky. Not my cuppa I'm afraid. I like the Irish girl, she's bubbly and spontaneous but it's still all too slow for me. I think the website pictures are very misleading too. They showed a Paraiba yesterday that looked stunning in the picture but was pale and had a huge window IRL. I don't think you'd have any idea of what you'd get if you just ordered off the web.

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