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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
I've never had any issues with this channel before, though I've read plenty of bad things about them. I placed about 3 orders in 2007/8, one item at a time, all of which were lovely items I was very happy with, no issues, no refunds required. It was obviously too good to last.
Recently, some of you lovely people had first of all posted about how good their current silver range was, and also another member showed a link to a stunning apatite ring - so of course, I had to go and have a look! (Addict - me???)
Anyway, I found the ring (a few quid extra in the online shop, but that's OK) and a rather pretty little matching bracelet, got them into my basket and tried to check out. Only trouble was, the computer system was down, and I couldn't place the order.
So I tried to phone from my mobile (didn't know CS was part time, it would have been a waste of time anyway...) - cost me a fortune, and found out I couldn't get through on my mobile as it's not touchtone.
So I emailed the address that came up on the error message. Didn't really expect an answer that night, but went back half an hour later to check - only to find the email had bounced - the error message was showing an INVALID email address.
So I went off and found the correct one and resent the message, expecting to get an answer by the time I got to work the next morning. Good grief, that was overly optimistic - it's a week later, and no-one has answered it yet.
So next morning I had another go at ordering on the web - system still down, so no luck. Aha, I thought, I can call CS from work, where I have a touchtone phone. Hurrah! Got through, explained the problem and the chap agreed to put the order through for me. All very well, but when it came to taking payment, the card on file had expired. So I gave him the new details, but it wouldn't accept it as the card was already on the system. Then he tried to update the old card instead - but the system was down, and it wouldn't go through.
He advised me to order online again instead, and he would phone back between 10 and 11 the next day to find out if I still needed him to put it through for me.
Anyway, I finally managed to get the items ordered online, so that was OK. Of course, he didn't actually bother to phone back...:58:
Anyway, I forget all about the drama - until I noticed on Friday night that 2 payments have gone off my card, one for the full amount, the other for just the bracelet plus postage.
Of course, it's the flaming weekend again, so I couldn't speak to them until now - and had since learned you had to wait till midday before CS would be there. So I finally phoned - and after a FORTY MINUTE wait on hold, got through.
I explained what had happened; eventually the CS guy had to put me on to his supervisor - always a bad sign...
Well she seemed very reasonable when I went through the whole saga (again...) - then informed me it was too late to stop the order as it had been dispatched already. I would need to return the item for a refund. OK said I, but I expect 2-way postage refunded too, this was not my error. Oh I don't know said she, I'd have to check with my manager???!!! WTF??? Conveniently, of course, her manager wasn't in today...
I then pointed out that they hadn't even ordered both items with that CS order, and she told me that ordering via CS they can only do one item at a time - and I'd have had to pay DOUBLE postage if it had gone through. Funny how the CS guy didn't even mention that bit...:25:
Anyway I then found out that they had also decided to dispatch this item to my billing address instead of my delivery address. I asked what they would do about that as there would probably be no-one there to take it in. She reckoned my best bet was not to call to rearrange delivery and it would go back to them. Then they would refund me. With postage? Who ****** knows... How long? Who ****** knows...
I should have listened to all those people who posted about their own disastrous service from TJC, and avoided them like the plague. These items are going to have to blow me away to make up for this rubbish. Not sure I'll be back - the CS aspect is a joke, the computer systems are obviously unreliable and I've been left after hanging on the phone for ever feeling like they don't give a toss.
F**k 'em....:46:

Thanks for listening... think I need a lie down now...
What a nightmare!!

I had to send 2 items back last week unfortunately. They were lovely but both too big for me - the bracelet length wise and the ring width wise!! Anyway, both items have been refunded back to my card and it only took a couple of days.

My second problem was yesterday when I bought the Paraiba ring I mentioned on another post. When I got through on the phone the guy took all the details and the delivery address (hubby's work) but the delivery address details disappeared. He took them again and same thing happened. By now the poor guy was so apologetic I felt sorry for him! Anyway, after the third attempt at the delivery address, everything disappeared and the item went into something they call "lost bids". He said someone would call me soon to sort it out. Well, after a wee while I started to panic as I really wanted the ring and there was only one. With a bit of pushing by other half, I emailed the studio and asked if they could get someone to call me. They were brilliant! A lovely lady called Hannah called to say they had secured the item for me and took all the details to complete the sale. Derek Gibbons even said on air that I wasn't to worry and someone would phone me by which time they already had - within 5 minutes of me emailing them.

So, it just goes to show how problems can be handled so differently - glad mine were resolved easier than yours were though PQ - I have enough wrinkles (or should I say "worry lines") as it is!!
Crikey PearlyQueen - when it goes wrong it goes *completely* wrong eh?
OMG Anne. I really feel for you.

I stopped ordering from TJC yonks ago because of their dreadful systems and now you're saying that CS (that never functioned properly when it was full time) is now part time? Jeez! I believe that Kevin "I can sort out all your problems" Valentine is also back at the helm of CS? Oh dearie me. Watch CS plummet and spiral downwards.

My only suggestion hun is that if the wonderful Percy is still at TJC then you contact him. I have no idea whether he's still there or not but he was always brilliant at sorting out issues (the only one that did after Kavita left).

Good luck and I hope you get fully reimbursed.
Thought you might be interested in an update.
They refunded both items last week, spotted it on my card today - and as requested in my letter they did refund the higher amount for the ring. No postage though!
Well I phoned today re the postage and apparently, after a long conversation, it's now been sorted and should show up on my card in a couple of days. I have to say that the lady I dealt with today was very nice and helpful, and (assuming that the refund does go through) then I can honestly say I've calmed down with my tjc rage!
I might even go back for more, since the ring was so damned nice! Blood pressure permitting...!

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