I have written to a newspaper.


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Jun 24, 2008
As I was getting nowhere with all my own contact to various IW sections trying to get my parcels uplifted I have contacted a newspaper to see if they can help.
Fingers crossed they can get them to respond!!
Best of luck, hope this will encourage some response from IW. As a matter of interest, have you contacted a local paper or one in the Peterborough area?
Best of luck, hope this will encourage some response from IW. As a matter of interest, have you contacted a local paper or one in the Peterborough area?

HMMMM!. I never thought about one in the Peterborough area. I might try that if I get no response.MInd you ,if they dont respond to this I doubt they will respond to anything.
I wrote to "The Judge" in the Scottish Sunday Mail.He helped people with the Auction World fiasco and seems to have a good sucess rate when readers ask for his help.
Well something has worked as I got a call from C.S .
I just wish their agents were a bit better at underdstanding English as she kept asking me if I had a copy of the emails I had sent but she did not understand when I told her that if you use the " contact us" facility on their website that you dont have copies as they dont go via your own email provider. I said I could give her my Unique ID numbers but she said she had a note of them .She also kept asking me to make sure I complete a return slip and enclose it with the parcel. How many times do I have to say that the parcels have been ready to be collected since christmas so the returns slips have been enclosed since then???.I told her I was concerned about the 30 day money back period and that I would have trouble getting my refund........guess what?? her answer was "make sure you complete a returns slip". AARRGGHH!!!!
AH well I suppose I shouldnt complain too much :)54:) as at least I got a response.
Mind you as this is the second time one of their agents has told me the parcels would be uplifted I will not hold my breath....or am I being too hard on them :20:
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good luck Teddy :)
If it's a parcelnet courier that picks them up, make friends with them and see if they will give you their direct phone number for future returns ;)

As for those "Contact Us" forms, I always copy and paste the text into a new email, state the company name as the Subject with date and then save it - it will save into your drafts folder, so at least you have a copy of what you sent them to refer back to. :1:
Good luck teddybear581. They drove me to distraction last year. I had to set up an A4 file to record all my attempts to get a refund in case I had to take evidence to a consumer body. They were just messing me around sending me automated emails and ignoring all my letters to Peterborough. I was determined I was not going to ring their expensive contact number. Eventually I tried this ploy:

I sent another letter to Peterborough outlining my complaint. In the bottom left hand corner I put copies to:

Trading Standards
BBC Watchdog
Citizens Advice Bureau
(Name of newspaper)

I sent the letter by recorded delivery (very important to do this)

They phoned me as soon as they received the letter in Peterborough and I had my refund within days.

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