I have never liked


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Sep 1, 2008
dark or worse yet dark opaque hosiery worn with light shoes.
Even if the shoes are nice in themselves.
I have never liked makeup troweled on, a la Boots assistants/Jordan/Jodie Marsh.
Why oh why do they think it's a good look? Or maybe it is and I'm wildly out of step with what's attractive!
i have never liked - short skirts, especially when hosiery is not worn.
Well the troweled on makeup look is being sported by the wearer of the mainly white shoes with opaque black tights.
I hate that even in today's world of good colour selection and product variety some people still have the tide mark where the makeup ends.
Mind you a nice leg of darker skin tone looks fine if not really good in light and neutral colour shoes.
Oh ****, how thick am I, I didn't realise this was a game :giggle:

I really hate when ladyboys bendover their trolleys in the supermarket with their short denim mini on and knickerless :grin:
i have never liked - short skirts, especially when hosiery is not worn.

Oh I love short skirts, but sadly they don't like my tragically unattractive legs at all. Neither do hot pants or leggings.

I have no capacity for self deception when it comes to my gams.
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Do they have troweled on makeup and opaque tights with light coloured shoes though?

Steady on! Not sure the world is ready for that, Fashionista's will be leaping out of tall buildings - well, we can all hope they will :)
I must check Lidl out. They say it is no frills shopping but didn't think they had banned undies all together lol

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