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Jun 29, 2008
As some of you may remember I got a lovely SouthWestern Bangle that I had been after for a while.

It turned up and I loved it.

Today one of the stones fell out and I cannot find it, QVC are sending out a pre-paid label to return it. I think I will be getting the money back as I don't fancy it happening again.

To say that I am upset is abit of an understatment.
oh, it is a shame that it should happen to your fav bangle, yazrose. however, it does not mean it will happen to the replacement. i had the same issue with a suarti ring, but it had never happened before and i hasn't happened since. (((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))) xxxxxxxx
Aww Yaz Im sorry to hear that...hate it when this sort of thing happens, I'd try a replacement and see how that one goes and then get a refund if it happens again, could be just an one off x
So annoying when this happens & upsetting when it's a favourite piece. I had a stone fall out of a rhodolite ring I wore everyday. Finger's crossed but the replacement is still going strong so I'd say take a chance on another bracelet :hi:
What a bummer, I remember how much you lusted after that bangle some time ago. Keep your eyes open for the stone, a very tiny stone fell out of one of my rings and I had no idea where. About two weeks later I found it caught up in something on my work desk. From what the others say about replacement jewellery it's definitely worth getting a replacement, especially as you love it so much.
Aw, Yaz, what a disappointment!

I don't blame you for not wanting to try another. But try it anyway Yaz, you never know

Nothing ventured, nothing gained :kiss:.
Thats a real shame but its worth trying another one Yaz and then if it does happen again you will still get a full refund

Yes if you love it, certainy worth trying again but maybe get a jeweller just to look it over before the mbg runs out?

Bet x
Sorry to hear this Yaz. I know how happy you were to have got it at last. If you really love it I think it's worth giving it another go.
awww only just catching up with this thread Yaz. I am so sorry that the stone fell out of your beautiful bangle how upsetting. I hoep you have managed to get a replcement as it could just be a faulty one you have, as it has happened to me before on some suarti pieces and have had replacements and they have been ok, however if not dont be too upset because once you get a full refund including p and p Yaz! Then you can look for another SW piece and you never know you may get a even nicer piece of SWS. (((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))
I would ring them direct in Arizona, you can find the number on this site, am sure you will fnd them more than helpful, feel sure they will replace, and will be shocked to hear what happened.

Hope you get it sorted, Yaz, but how horrid that it's happened so soon after purchase, especially when it's something you wanted for so long. Why don't you try a replacement, just in case it was a one-off fault? xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Sorry to hear that Yaz. Well worth trying for a replacement first. (Don't worry about not having the lost stone, by the way, if that's a worry - just return the bracelet as is.)
what have you decided to do Yaz? know how disappointed you must be after finally bagging that gorgeous piece.

Well I have had the weekend to think about it and I am going to try a replacement. Also going to email Relios too.

Thanks for all the messages. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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