Hurry Girls Doris Is On !!!


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Heehee. See what you mean, bags. I think she looks lovely actually, but she still talks bollox imho - just been twittering on about a very "amusing" story about Elizabeth Taylor. :rolleyes:
Was just going to post that I thought she looked lovely too. It really suits her like that. Have to agree that she does just rattle on though bless her.
Her hair looks so perfect & lovely - is it a wig that they are going to sell later in the year?
At 6am this morning they were showing Clix clip in hair extensions on QVC night-time.
I saw Catherine on the 2pm show and thought she looked lovely. Sorry to say though I've never taken to her from the beginning. I can't stand all the gushing sickly sweetness.

I find it just as off putting as JR's divadom, Pippa's Yeah, yeah yeah, JF's wheezing, AY's hard sell shrieking, AK's I was lucky enough to be given xyz but it was much more expensive, Kathy's fumbling over words, Charlie sends me to sleep, AH and craig I rarely watch. so guess that just leaves me Dale :grin:
I've just been watching Catherine on the Electronics hour, and I thought she looked lovely. I think it's very hard to come across as sincere on shopping telly, but Catherine does it very well. To me, comes across as the kind of girl you'd like to have as a friend. Easy to get along with and certainly never stuck for a word !

She looks so different from how she did a few months ago. Amazing transformation.

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