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Jun 24, 2008
My wonderful hubby did it again! I received these items today:-

1. Multi Gem Pendant in Silver 373 986. Good size and pretty colours. The Rhodolite and Garnet are particularly nice. Will go with lots of different rings fo every day wear.

2. Yellow Gold Yellow Sapphire Ring 475 131. Sparkly and bright just like me - ha ha! Nice ring for stacking with other rings.

3. Star Ruby and Diamond Yellow Gold Ring 321 157. I hadn't seen this IRL but I'm impressed. The star is really good and you can see it even in dim lights.

4. Star Ruby and Diamond Yellow Gold Pendant 186 687. Matches ring perfectly. Again star really obvious. I'd recommend these to anyone.

5. Sapphire Pendant in Yellow Gold 475 131. Wow! An exact match for my ring. Lovely stones and each flower moves independently. Will look great together with the ring.

So folks I'm definitely keeping hubby - wonder what he's been up to!!



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Lovely hubby!! Mine likes to be "safe" and knows he's getting the right thing for me altho he did alert me to the pendant i'm waiting for, Silver and pink sapphire "pendant/necklace". Hopefully that will be here early next week.

Enjoy your suprises twinny:4:
Wow klos those items are lovely you're hubby is a keeper. There jewellery is really lovely isn't it - I've ordered the exact same star ruby pendant might receive it one day (was ordered 10 days ago) must say though I spoke to customer services yesterday and they now can 'see' web orders on there computer systems so that's a vast improvement
Does your hubby do training courses? 'Cos I'd like to sing mine up for one right now :hump: ;) :lol:

Some lovely pieces there BTW. :clap:
What can I add that hasn't been said already? The jewellery's lovely Klos, and so is your OH :D

Thanks PandaBear for updating us on that - good to know that Rocks are working on the system.
Well done to Mr Klos

Oooh Klos, you are one very lucky lady. Not just because your hubs buys you jewellery but also because he makes such excellent choices. :mysmilie_735.gif:

They are all lovely indeed and I can personally vouch for the quality of the garnets ( in my huge whopper of a ring for a quid). The yellow Sapphires look superb, one of my favourite colours, and as for the Star Rubies........I've been watching them being sold and they look wonderful.

I hope they don't all sell out before I'm ready to order again......just a bit iffy atm re. their delivery service! :mysmilie_738.gif:
Blimey Klos, you've got him well trained!!! What lovely choices. Can't complain tho', cos I chose what I want and OH pays for it!!

WOW WOW lucky girl..... whatever he demands now ... you have to obey u do realise now????? u can always pass the bling around to us [or OH if u would rather !!!!] lovely pieces enjoy XXXX
Wow Klos......what gorgeous pieces he has picked for you again,you are a very lucky girl indeed.

All I get from my other half is the roll eyes and a 'Jeez,what have you got now!!':25::18:

If he measures up half as much in 'other departments' you are truly blessed!:54:
Thank you for all your lovely comments. Yes hubby does have his good points but he has all the bad ones that all men do as well - oh well I don't suppose everyone can be perfect like me :54:
Gorgeous goodies Miss Perfect:20:
Your lovely Hubby certainly has good taste.Was he hard to train or were you just lucky?;)

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