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Jun 30, 2008
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Hello everyone - this is offically a daft question lol
I have e-mailed & asked Rocks but I dont think they understood me....(easily done)

How do you get one p&p charge mid-week?
My sitch is that I checked my basket out in the morning before I left (7-8ish) thinking that I'll be able to add to that order in the day when away from home, and also in the evening (by checking out new items and adding to the existing delivery).

I wasn't able to log on until I got home & boohoo it was despatched. While the speedyness was kinda lovely it stopped my splurge somewhat.
Is this the new way of doing things, or did I make it all up and got the wrong end of the stick in the process lol

Thank you for any info you can give
Hi Pepsidoodle,

Not a daft question at all. What is happening is when the warehouse come in to work they run a picking list which gives them all the orders to do, but it doesn't limit this to just orders from the previous day. You must have just got in there before them!

We'll look to put something in to the system so that it observes a cut off time of, say, 2am.

Kind regards

John Bennett
Pepsi you can keep things in your basket for up to 10 days so you can add to it through the week up to your basket limit they do vary but i think my basket is up to 8 items so i can check out either on the ninth day or when i have 8 items I hope that makes sense.
and at weekends its one p&p from fri-sun evening.
Pepsi thats happened to me too but I was offered free postage on that day so I could still take advantage of 1 p&p per day HTH xx

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