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Feb 3, 2009
Hi all, i have a pendant in my basket, that i grabbed on their web auctions. Theres no spinning live pic thingey, and no dimentions of the pendant, so i can't tell how big it is.

Can anyone give me any pointers as how i can find out that info. I really want to see what sort of size it is.
Strange! You could phone up CS ... they should have all the info.

Have you got an item number?
GD - Click on the item in your basket, when it comes up scroll down and there's a link to "show details", click on there and hopefully you should have everything there. If not, let me have the item number and I'll get you a link.

Argey x
item number is:UYM4080 . I am trying to decide between that and another 2 pendants!

i am afraid i am not very decisive! :)

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