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Can I just say that I think Katherine the email lady on Rocks is bloomin fabby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As we all know, I am both PrincessRacer and Perdita on Rocks (although not Perdita on this forum...I know its confusing!!!), and yesterday I checked out items I had bought under both user names. I was more than happy to have them as two seperate orders and pay the P&P on each of them because it was my choice to set up 2 user names and to order items on them both, so fair enough!!!

Because I am a total numpty, I forgot to change the delivery address on my PrincessRacer order to my work address, so I emailed Katherine, giving her only the order number for the Princess Racer order, to see whether it could be amended, and giving her the relevent details. It is worth pointing out that at no point did I mention my Perdita order, or make reference to the fact that Perdi and PR are the same person!

She emailed me back within 2 minutes saying that actually, she had found that there were 2 orders in their system for me (the actual physical real person) and asking me whether I would like for her to amalgamate the two and have it all sent as 1 order to my work address, thus saving me one of the P & P charges!!!!!!

I replied with much gusto that I would really appreciate that, and she sorted it for me! Very happy warm fuzzy feeling from this!!!!


I put in a request for some diamonds to be shown and they were on screen within 5 minutes, with Katherine having acknowledged my request, and asking me once they were they if they were ok!! We also asked about a piece for someone else, and quick as a flash she had asked Carol about a specific piece number!!!!


The diamonds were the black and white diamond heart shaped pendant, which I won!!!! Hoorah!!! Went and immediately checked it out so that it came with the rest of my sparklies that I had checked out. Went through the whole process, and was a bit confused that I had been charged p & p despite asking for it to added to my order. Thought that maybe this was just how it worked, so asked on the chat room whether this was normal, or I was just being a muppet....again!!!!! Again, very quickly, Katherine popped a note on to say I had mail. I checked it, and she had emailed me to say that I wasn't being a muppet, but that in order to amalgamate my Perdi and my PR orders earlier on, she had needed to cancel one of the orders, and add the items onto the other one, and that when I checked out the pendant, their system had added it to the order she had cancelled, but that she had sorted it and it had been added to the other order, and she gave me an updated cost of the overall order!

This lady is fantastic!!! She went over and above for me yesterday evening, and I am remarkably impressed!!!! I have been a Customer Services Manager for 5 years, and her attitude, helpfulness, professionalism and customer mindedness is exactly what I try to instill into every single person that works for me!!!

Steve, Sarah and John, Katherine is a rare gem in her own right...........Give her a pay rise and a promotion!!! :D
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