How Fab is Katherine????????


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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Katherine's a real star PR, along with the rest of Rocks CS team! I've had reasons to speak to both Katherine and Tony on the phone, and nothing is too much trouble for either of them. Well Done Steve and co for bringing such a fab CS team together. Good CS in any company imo is a must..Rocks certainly don't disappoint.:)
:clap: Yay

Although I did chuckle when reading your post as I was a bit slow in keeping up at times with all what was done lol, but blumin eck what good service & attention to detail too

Katherine is a star - & she managed to put up with me for a whole weekend so I'd imagine she could do anything after surviving that lol
Blimey, PD!!!! She must have the patience of a saint!!!! Lol!!!! ;)
I wasn't able to watch last night, but did log on briefly to ask in Rocks Chat whether my outstanding order could be delayed until the end of next week. Katherine asked me to send her an email with the order number. I did this, but she had already worked it out for herself and had emailed me (our emails crossed) with the order number. I was really impressed and now also with your story PR - she really is a Star!
You would find it hard to find a nicer person involved in Shopping Telly than Katherine, a truly wonderful person.
I haven't had any personal dealings with Katherine, but it's reassuring to learn that she's up there with Tony & Sheridan on the service front.
Sounds like you've had brilliant service, so maybe I'll email her a couple of requests for tonight...
I agree Perdi! They were really on the ball last night!

Last night, I was even given the nod in advance that there was something about to come up which I would like! (It was a pair of pink topaz earrings...which I won!)

I noticed that Katherine was clearly paying attention to the chat as she responded immediately to queries and requests.

I think the customer care is first rate and you are made to feel that you really matter as an individual.
Totally, Perdy!! That kind of service is what makes you go back to them and builds a real loyalty amongst customers.

At the end of the day, things go wrong sometimes - we are none of us robots after all - and it is when something does go wrong for a company that you deal with, that you find out just how good they are. If you can resolve the problem quickly, efficiently, professionally and by giving the customer more than they expected to get, that customer will stay with you, even if you are not the cheapest provider, because you have built a level of trust, and the customer has been made to feel important.

That this level of service is displayed so profusely in a circumstance where there is no problem is fantastic, and exceptionally unusual in businesses today, where often CS can be compromised to meet time constraints and targets. How refreshing to see, not just an individual that displays such commitment to CS, but also a company that allows this individual to flourish and doesn't weigh them down with targets that make such service impossible.

.....oo its like a big old love in!!!!!! Lol!!!!
She is great isn't she? I won the fab garnet pendant, then asked if a chain could be added, she emailed me immediately, told me to check out the chain, and she'd combine the orders and BINGO!! done in an instant. Almost felt guilty for getting the pendant so cheaply - well ALMOST!!!:D
What fantastic Customer Service - well done to Katherine! :Applause: Especially understanding all Jekyll & Hyde's ooops I mean Racey and Purdy's confusion!! :LaughingCat:

Only kidding Racey luv ya really fellow Jockess :BigHug:
Katherine has sorted out a couple of problems that I have had too (both were totally due to my own stupidity :dunce: ) :lol:

Katherine, if you are reading this - you are a complete star :cheer:
What fantastic Customer Service - well done to Katherine! :Applause: Especially understanding all Jekyll & Hyde's ooops I mean Racey and Purdy's confusion!! :LaughingCat:

Only kidding Racey luv ya really fellow Jockess :BigHug:'d better be!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
I have had a few dealings with Katherine lately and yes, I agree she is totally fab. I keep asking her the sort of questions which I expect she won't be able to answer, but she does - and her e-mails are prompt and friendly.

Katherine looks quite young in the photo on the website - I really hope she will go a long way.

Mind you, all the Rocks team are great!
:D I agree Katherine is one very helpful lady!!!!!...she should be put forward for some
kind of award...she deserves one as does Mr Tony Poole!.
They both get my vote any day!!!!!!!

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