How expensive is this?


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Jun 29, 2008
I was flicking through the active last night and came across this item.

It is by Tova, it is Diamonique and simulated (fake) rubies.



Are QVC out of their minds?
I've just had to check the website because I thought you must had mis-read it!!:53::53::53:

OMG how can they justify asking that much for what is a few grammes of silver and a pile of coloured glass. You can get lovely unusual and good quality fashion jewellery on the high street for less than 10% of this price, and TBH they are a lot more modern in style than this old-fashioned junk.

What an absolute rip off! Personally, I think the majority of Diamonique jewellery is very over-priced for what it is.
I said Tova is not of this planet, she has obviously taken the QVC buyers into orbit with her!!!!
think I'll have 2,one for daytime wear and one for nighttime to dress up with my Michele Hope evening wear:18:
OMG, it's unbeleivable!:52: I appreciate it's silver, but apart from that, nothing special - the stones are fake, and it's machine made, it's not handmade jewellery like Suarti or SW silver.

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