How do they decide which brands have a TSV


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Sep 18, 2009
:hi:Hi. I've got a question that's been puzzling me for a while. How do they decide which brands have a TSV. Is it purely down to the popularity of a brand or the quantities the suppliers are willing to provide. I would love to see a Bobbi Brown TSV but can't remember ever seeing one.Does anyone know?
There has been a Bobbi Brown TSV on QVC US and it is auto delivery too.

The brand has to agree to having one, supplying the stock and deciding which items they are willing to put in it.

QVC US had a number of Prescriptives TSVs over a few year period. A member here asked the makup artist Gary who appeared on our QVC about having one? They were told never would happen with QVC UK. We only got one last month as Prescriptives are closing down in January 2010 and they wanted rid of stock.
I agree I would love to know about the TSV's.

I would love a BB TSV as well as a Tiana B TSV.

I know they always go on about there is a panel and it takes months and months to get a tsv through all the various deptartments it need to go through - but I do wonder at the age of all these people.

I'd love to be "on the panel" - I'd give them all, a right good shake up!!!!
yes I love her dresses.i've bought a couple of qvc and a few from tk maxx - they're about £25 in there :)

Just bought one from ebay - I orginally bought it from qvc when it was new style and couldn't believe it was over £60 with postage - as much as I loved it.I've just paid about £8 with postage for it :)
I ponder on this (no wonder I have so few functioning brain cells) I don't believe that they have all those meetings etc. I reckon it's all down to what they can negotiate and shift big quantities of. They don't seem to base it on what's been really popular, it's all been very samey of late.

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