How daft!


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Aug 5, 2008
West Midlands
TJC have lowered the cost of what you can by via their website, every time i see something that takes my fancy i look on the web and it says "sorry web bidding is no available on this item........etc".
Now they have sent me an email offering a £1o discount when i spent over £100 on the web! what? well considering you have to phone for most items over £100 how the hell are you supposed to get a £10 discount when the offer is via the website only?
Unless you can use it in the 'falling auction' part of their site, gemcherub? That surely counts as a 'web purchase'.
Yes may be knowing their website at the moment the code won't work anyway, even Derek was moaning the other day he tried to pay for an item online and couldn't and had to phone CS lol
I think someone has been listening/reading they have changed the web bidding again and we can now bid on higher price items via the web!

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