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Oct 8, 2008
Hi everyone!

I'm a newbie, though I have been browsing your forum for quite a while now!
I decided to finally take the plunge, because I am one of the many dissatisfied customers who bought this kit, and I was disgusted at the quality, particularly of the cards, which were no more than bits of paper. It's a shame cos I really liked the embellishments.
Anyhow, to cut a long story short, I wasn't prepared to spend money on a kit which I wouldn't use (I would be too embarrassed to send these cards to anyone!) nor did I see why I should have to pay the money to post it back, so I sent QVC CS a stroppy email telling them exactly what I thought of the quality, and having read the 54 online reviews for the kit (it currently has a rating of 2.3 out of 5), I also pointed out to them that many people had mentioned in their reviews that they would have to keep it because they couldn't afford to send it back.
I thought you might all be interested to read their reply.
By the way, I posted this thread over on a couple of weeks ago as well, but I think more people seem to read this forum, though I could be wrong(?!)
Sorry this post is so long!

"Thank You for contacting QVC.

I am writing with reference to your enquiry regarding item 586926 - 80 Xmas
Sheets & Cards with design Ideas & Brads and Embellishments.

Thank you for your patience regarding this enquiry and please accept my
sincerest apologies at the length of time it has taken to get back to you.

We have undertaken a QA check and whilst our QA specialists did agree that
the card was thinner than is normal for such cardstock they could not rule
that the card was "unfit for purpose".

I am sorry that you are disappointment with the quality of this item and
please be assured that I did try to request additional card-stock be sent
to you from the vendor, however they are based in the USA and therefore
unable to supply additional/replacement parts for this kit.

Given your overall dissatisfaction with the kit, I believe the best course
of action would be for you to return the product for a full refund. Our
records show that we have sent out a freepost label however, if you would
prefer for the item to be collected from your home address please contact
our customer service department on 0800 51 41 31 and one of our customer
service advisors will arrange for a courier to collect the item from you.

Please be advised that all feedback, both positive and negative is passed
to our Customer Focus team and whilst the QA department deal in
"percentages" and return ratios etc, the Customer Focus team deal in terms
of customer satisfaction and awareness. With reference to this particular
enquiry regarding item 586926, I understand that although we have received
few returns/complaints/enquiries in relation to the volume of units we
sold, that we will not be airing this product again.

With reference to those customers who have paid to return their unwanted
items - QVC offers a 24 hour freephone customer service helpline. If a
customer calls us to report that they have a faulty/broken item or that
they truly feel that an item does not meet QVCs usual high standard then we
will always arrange for the item in question to be returned at no cost to
the customer.

Again, I apologise for the length of time it has taken to respond to your
enquiry and I am genuinely sorry that I have been unable to resolve this
enquiry to your satisfaction. Please be advised that as you are a valued
customer I have today issued your QVC account with a £10 shopping credit as
a gesture of goodwill and please accept my sincerest apologies for any
inconvenience caused in this matter.

If we can provide any other assistance, please do not hesitate to contact

Thank you for contacting QVC UK.COM"

The annoying thing is, that even though in the email they clearly state that they "...will not be airing this item again...", they aired it on craft day last week!!!
Welcome Craftaddict, new here too , at least QVC did the decent thing by you , and I hope other people reading your post that are unhappy with this purchase will now feel able to phone CS and arrange to send it back post free,as for them still airing the item nothing surprises me :33:
Nice to see some crafty newbies here. :) Just wanted to let you know about shoppingtelly's sister site -

I'm not advocating you leave shoppingtelly, but if you want to talk craft, then crafttelly is the place to be. I love both sites. :eek:

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