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Jun 27, 2008
I've just had a call from Rocks & Co COO Andrew, who is working his way through all the PMs from people who have had problems.

Apparently, my blue fire opal ring IS in stock - the system somehow thought it was allocated to another order when it wasn't - and it being shipped out to me. Hooray!

Clearly the computer systems are just completely hopeless. I work in IT myself, and I do know it takes time to replace systems, especially if you're going to test them properly - no point in trying to rush it, as you just end up with even more problems.

I feel really sorry for Andrew and everyone at Rocks who is grappling with an inadequate system, as they clearly know they are losing orders at the moment. Hats off to Andrew for doing his best!
oh good!

It's amazing what a difference it make when there's a CS boss who is trying to make a difference - good for Andrew.

Hope you like the ring when it arrives
P.S. Andrew also said they want to do something about the ludicrously excessive prices on the web, but even with that they are jinxed by the systems - the web prices will be amended when they get their new systems.
That's great news MissM, hope it's a keeper when you eventually receive it. Andrew's doing stirling work.
I've just had a call from Andrew as well and he has looked into my issue and resolved it so my item is on the way.
I was a little surprised to receive a call from him as i was expecting a message, great customer service as he must have so many issues to deal with.
Great news for you as well MissM hope you love it.
I'm another that Andrew has phoned. He was great - very helpful. I too appreciate the personal touch.

I know that Andrew is working hard to sort out the gremlins and is away from home so close to Christmas, so I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew and Gav who are just THE BEST at helping out their st forum friends. A big ((((hug)))) to them both.

Yes Andrew is a real sausage. He also phoned me when I lost my bid on the green diamond ring and he's a really nice guy to speak to. I didn't get another suitable one but I did appreciate the time he took took of his very busy schedule to call me. :clap: :pPC:
Yes, I had the call too. Andrew is trying to do a great job, Shame the same cant be said for the rest of the CS team.
Great work Andrew. I had a really quick response from Gav and Rocks Helper to a PM I sent so I'd like to say thank you to both.

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