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HONORA TSV email- they're drop earrings

Good things come in sevens! If you adore pearls, tune in on Friday 5th December for an extraordinary Today's Special Value - seven perfect pairs. The Honora Set of 7 Multi-coloured Drop Cultured Freshwater Pearl Earrings means there's a precious pearl for every day of the week.

Honora is the most famous name in freshwater pearls because we pick the top 3% of every harvest, creating exquisite jewellery that's the toast of New York. No wonder all the beautiful people flock to our Madison Avenue store.

With this collection - so light and easy to wear - you can add a touch of magic to every winter outfit. For Christmas occasions, pick your pearl earrings and you†re perfectly prepared. Nothing else makes you feel as pampered because Honora captures the beauty, lustre and purity of every pearl.

Make seven friends happy by giving them away. Or treat yourself to the whole collection - after all, it's Christmas! We look forward to seeing you on Friday 5th December at 12am, 1am, 4am, 7am, 8am, 11am, 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm.

Picture shows lovely blue brown and champagne colour.
Obviously great minds and all that.
Typing at the same time I guess!
I got this too this morning. I love the blue and the champagne - might just be tempted by these !

I was pleased to read that there will be a champagne pair included, I just hope they match the last TSV which I bought in champagne, on my computer they looked green!!!
Ooo I've wanted some drop earrings for ages so I will definitely be staying up! :D
they do look lovely. i wear my studs nearly every day.my no more buying motto could fail!!!!!
I got the email too. They look lovely - all depends on the price now. Looks like I'll be staying up to watch - would hate to miss them.
Calling SCW - our detective

Dear Ian

Have you managed to detect these?

Pretty please.
They look gorgeous but I don't wear earrings - however will have a look for a necklace or bracelet - my Christmas pressie to me
Would I be right in thinking these are dyed, they look a bit bright ?

I always thought Honora said their pearls were naturally coloured !
OMG these look stunning - I got the stud set last year and wear them all the time. Definitely staying up for these.

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