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Jun 24, 2008
I decided to go for the Honora Try Me Necklace in Pistachio and it's lovely but there is a problem.....it arrived very kinked and is still so now despite being hung on a wardrobe door for the last three weeks!

Now, can the Honora experts on here tell me if it will eventually straighten out or should I return it and ask for a replacement? Then again, is there anything I can do to remove the kinks? Would appreciate your advice.

Many thanks.
My pistachio necklace is exactly the same!

I've given up on it now and am waiting for a prepaid label from CS to send it back and get a refund.

My other Honora necklaces have sorted themselves out but nothing has helped this one.
I ordered this in the Pistachio as well, and yes, mine was a bit kinked too.
BUT I find rolling the pearls out on a straight surface very gently helps to get rid of the kinks.
I have had honora pearls in the past and the same thing happened to mine. although it did straighten out in a few weeks
I also got the pistachio and mine have a very slight kink in them which I'm hoping will drop out with wear (like trousers riding up with wear in "Are You Being Served" I suppose! Showing my age now ...).
I got the pistachio too & it still has a slight kink in them though nowheere near as bad as when they first arrived.

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