Highest ever quantity at sit-up


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Jun 24, 2008
Even if they can't sell them all, they've introduced a clock that ticks for 2 minutes so they can end the auction regardless of what you hoped the prices would fall to.

Usually, the price of electrical items will fall over a few months. Digital cameras have fallen surprisingly low.

This weekend I've seen several low price shockers but mostly for items I wouldn't buy anyway.

I liked the Strictly Come Dancing statuette yesterday. The price went down to almost a pound and I managed to plough my way through the website webpages to get the item in time.

I've waited patiently for some items to fall lower and when these large quantity auctions begin I've got time to get to the website and wait and press confirm bid without any problems so I welcome these opportunities only when I believe the price is lower than I've seen it for the last month. At times I only save a few pounds but these savings help even out the times when I know I've paid a fiver too much.

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