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Aug 6, 2009
Sorry if I repeat anything previously mentioned. I was reading through the threads but so many, lol.
I have been buying from Gems for a while now. I think I am addicted, ha ha can't help but watch all the time.
I currently have a pink diamond ring in my basket 21 points for £99. I'm sure this is a great price but was wondering if anyone has any comments on the pink diamonds? I own yellow and blue diamonds but no pink as of yet:flower:
hi, I dont have any, but i would say its worth a look to see if u like the item... u can return it if you dont..
Hi gemsgems and welcome! Your ring does sound like a good price. Do you have the link as someone may have already bought one and can tell you more?

I received 3 pink diamond pieces yesterday. Two are very pretty - very sparkly and a nice pink colour. The third, a pair of earrings look more pinky brown and are very disappointing.

I'd get it home for a look and hopefully you'll love the ring at first sight. Good luck!
Hi Gemsgems,

I don't do diamonds but just popped in to say hi and welcome to the forum.

Hi gemsgems, welcome to the forum. I'm a new member like you and am finding it very friendly and helpful. I'm getting as addicted to the forum as I am to Gems TV!

I don't buy diamonds either (well, not on their own anyway) but I'm sure you'll get some very helpful replies from those who do.

Good luck with your order.
Welcome from me too gemsgems. :hi:

Can you post a link so we can have a look at your ring? We're just a little nosey on this forum! :giggle:

Ooops just saw your reply Oopsy.
Welcome to the forum!

£99 for pink diamonds - you can't match that on the High Street. Get it for a look.
welcome to you i am sure that you will find the folks on here very helpful if you have any queries i know i have they have between them a wealth of knowledge
:wave2:Hi Gemsgems..I just arrived yesterday and have received a fantastic welcome here from all the lovely folks..so welcome from another newbie!
from me too GemsGems.

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