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I won 2 items on thurday - have been trying to check out since then, but it won't let me! anyway, they were brought as a gift, so even if i finally manage to check out now, by the time i get them it will be too late!

What do i do? will rocks remove them from my basket for me due to these probs?

i am rubyruby by the way.
thanks Lily - I have emailed Sherridan, hopefully she can help. I really hope they can remove the items from my basket, as, whilst i had to give my friend something different as a pressie, i would still like to treat myself to something on rocks!
I'm having a few probs too Harmony. I won an item and checked out as I was most definitely not bidding again (hahahaha) and then won another and wanted to combine postage. Sherridan said she'd get on to it for me.

They are a really helpful bunch and that, combined with the gorgeous sparklies, will have me going back again and again.

bbelle and anyone else - I wasn't bidding either, but discovered that if I typed a message in the chatbox and pressed enter, it bid on the item. So just take care if you're typing a message to press 'send' rather than enter, otherwise you could end up with something lovely and sparkly that you weren't expecting!!!
I now can't even log in! each time i try - it says am logged in, then logs me straight out!:mad:
thanks guys - I have spoken to John, and hopefully we should get things sorted soon.

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