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Jun 24, 2008
Thinking of purchasing a Bose as my 1980's hi fi system has finally given up the ghost! Yes I know I'm not hip and trendy, could be because I'm a woman of an age (ha ha). So has any one got one, which one, are they good, are they worth the money and would you get it from qvc or Bose. Bose charge £15 delivery but they are doing payment in 2 interest free payments.
......are they worth the money.....

I would say categorically NO, though others who, as Glen would say, want to buy into that kind of 'story', may disagree!
Having had some ab fab high-end hi-fi set-ups in the past, there is absolutely no reason to spend that kind of money on that kind of 'system'!

For a fraction of the price (about 100 quid or so!) if you don't want a full-blown hi-fi set-up (pre & power amps, CD player etc.) & as you're considering Bose I presume you don't, you could consider something along the lines of the Harman Kardon Soundsticks II, which (if you have a half-decent one) will sound fab connected to either your 'puter or an i-pod!

Bose have always been ridiculously overpriced for what they are & if you don't fancy the Soundsticks idea, any decent hi-fi shop shop will set you up with a good little integrated amp, CD player & not overly intrusive speakers for again, a fraction of the cost! :)
I personally love Bose and if my hifi broke would think it was a worthwhile investment. As it is working don't see the point in spending money on a new one. Besides that I have the Bose ipod dock which I absolutely love so use that instead most of the time. Got this in the Bose outlet shop at Biscester. I also have the Bose in ear earphones and love them too - hubby has some too and he loves his, they are the best we have ever had.

I have a friend who has the full Bose system and raves about it too.

It is purely a matter of choice - I think that Bose is well worth the money. There is simply no comparision to the sound quality IMHO. If you read the reviews on qvc they are nearly all 5 star - which says it all!!!
It is purely a matter of choice - I think that Bose is well worth the money. There is simply no comparision to the sound quality IMHO. If you read the reviews on qvc they are nearly all 5 star - which says it all!!!

Ah but I wonder how many of those people picked it as a 'all in one' upgrade from a bog-standard cheaper system & if they'd feel the same way if they heard an equivalent priced separates set-up? :28:
(I think they'd be pretty shocked tbh.......unless they were tone deaf! lol)

Technology these days marches on so fast & prices come down all the time (& very rapidly!) but I do think Bose have captured a corner of the market who want music to be 'heard but not seen' & granted, a full hi-fi set-up can be very intrusive but I still adamantly believe that the sound quality of their products doesn't match up to the prices they charge for the convenience of a single wall plug! lol
Anyway Looby, the most important thing, whether you decide to go for the Bose or something else entirely, is to really listen to it, preferably before you buy, though of course with QVC, you have that 30 day mbg anyway!

Make sure you listen to all types of music you may want to play, as many systems will sound not too bad with decent classical recordings but may be a real 'nails on a blackboard' job with highly compressed 'pop' (or whatever it is one calls it these days! lol) recordings!

Good systems should sound just as good played at lower background 'dinner party' levels & there should be no distortion or sibilance at higher volumes! If your all-time favourite CD (or vinyl!) doesn't make your heart melt & your knees go a bit weak, that set-up isn't for you!
Best of luck finding one! :)
I think bose is a great sound system from what i have heard of it in shops. the best way to purchase it is from an outlet store. There is one at Bicester Village in Oxford (im sure there is more though) they sell cheaper ones reconditioned but still with a ten year or whatever guarentee.
thanks to all so far, definate food for thought, tbh the idea of a system that sounds like a great hi fi but without the speakers, wires etc was what appealed and te fact that I could move it from room to room, so tink I will have to give it more thought and as KWD advised to listen before I buy, but once again thanks everyone!!
I've had a full Bose system and the radio/cd player for many years and I LOVE the sound and consider them both to be an excellent purchase. The system we had before was much more expensive but I prefer the sound quality of Bose and like the fact both systems are so compact.
Another Bose fan here. DH and I kave the on ear noise cancelling headphones and I have the Ipod dock. Since getting it we no longer use our very upmarket hi fi set and yes the sound of my favourite tracks does send tingles up my spine.

The big advantage with buying from qvc is the 30 day thing. I bought DH the Bose earbuds from qvc and they didn't fit so they went back....couldn't have done this anywhere else BUT my headphones came from a Bose shop (you can try first) and DH's headphones and the dock came direct from Bose as that's where the best deal was
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A close family member of mine is highly qualified in electronics including transmitters and sound output systems and he thinks Bose are extremely overpriced and there are much cheaper products to do the same job. I would shop around and then of course it is up to you what you want to spend.
i heard a radio programme the other day where the expert was asked about Bose. he said that when they first introduced their system it was indeed groundbreaking, but as has been said above there are now many other manufacturers doing the same/similar technology at vastly lower prices.
i think they look pretty clunky too. if youre going for a system with radio, get one with DAB - its fantastic. Bose have started doing a DAB version of their small system (is it the soundwave?) on QVC and the way they were going on about it you'd think they had invented the wheel. in fact theyve been WAY behind, and the machine looks exactly like the old one - nasty LED display included.

i know its about the sound not the look that really matters but the evidence would suggest that with Bose youre paying for the name.
There is a Bose outlet store at Braintree Freeport too!
We have not been impressed with DAB radios, we have bought and returned 2 . the first was bought with the intention of been for sons room, it worked in other rooms but not his. the second was bought for me and it did not recieve the main channel I listen too so back it went.
Personally I think Bose are over rated. My own experience isn't exactly in the home devices but for what it's worth, when I worked as a projectionist, we upgraded our Dolby Stereo Amp system and added all new Bose speakers. My college was in heaven saying these are the best speakers you can get but I wasn't impressed at all, felt it was a load of hype. Things have moved on somewhat since then and like some posts have already said, there are just as good systems out there. I always see Bose as a name, if you like the brand go for it but its not much more than that.
hi looby there is a Bose outlet in the macarther glen shopping centre in Ashford kent. They have a "listening" area for people to listen before they buy .
I have the Bose Sounddock for iPod and hardly use it. There is no doubt that the inbuilt wave guide helps to produce a big sound. The downside is that I find it hard to listen to for extended periods of time. It just doesn't sound quite right and is harsh on the ears.

I'm pretty sure that BOSE also use the old trick of putting one of the channels high frequencies slightly out of phase (this means that part of the audio in one speaker is every so slightly delayed). This tricks the brain into thinking the sound is brighter and more exciting. Many recording studios used this trick on pop records in the early 80's and beyond. They still do and also compress the sound so much that any additional sound processing added by a stereo system can tip the sound over the edge. Hence the harsh sound

As almost everyone has recommended you need to listen to a BOSE system. You certainly will be impressed immediately but make sure you listen for as long as you can to a variety of music before parting with that much money

once again thank you all so much for your imput and comments, so much to tkae on board!

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