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Feb 3, 2009
Was hopig you guys could help me out again please, I have seen a few nice emerald rings lately, but i have heard a few things about emeralds that has made me unsure about buying them.

First of all, i have been told that emeralds are not strong stones and you can't wear them every day?

secondly, is it true that emeralds are treated and you need to keep taking them to a specialist and having this treatment reapplied?

Any help would be gratefully received :)

also, any clues on what emeralds are best, keep seeing brazilian emeralds?

thank you :)
I bought an Iliana Zambian emerald ring over two years ago when TJC first appeared. I really wanted a Colombian as I believed they are the most desirable but I sent most back as they weren't any better than the Zambian which was half the price. My emerald is a very clear and deep green. I wear it at Christmas time and have never had to do anything to it to maintain it other than be careful to remove it when washing my hands and not wear it as an everyday ring. My advice would be to go for the best you can afford, Iliana if possible and depending on your colour preference a Zambian or Colombian. Brazilian seems a mid-green but can be dull. I will post pictures of my TJC one if you like and a Brazilian I had made into a ring to show you the difference regarding colour and clarity. It seems you pay extra for clarity.

I hope Meeshoo is lurking as she will keep you right. :)
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I am sure that someone will be along with a lot more knowledge than me but this is my bit of knowledge I have learned(sort of!)

Emeralds are 7 on the mohs hardness scale so are not as robust as say diamonds(10) ruby and sapphire(9) though with care you should be able to wear them everyday.
They are usually sourced from Brazil,Colombia,Zambia and Siberia with Colombian being the most coveted........Siberian ones are a paler colour than say Brazilian which seem to be a deeper green,Colombian seem to 'shine' more,quite vivid,to my eye anyways.Inclusions are to be expected in emeralds to,it is said that they give this stone it's character.

As for treatment as far as I know they are oiled and this is the treatment that may have to be reapplied.

Whilst Colombian are considered the best they also come with the greater price tag,so I would choose what you like the most within your's what I do(my budget is usually meagre lol):)
Here you go, gemdreamer. The Iliana Zambian is a lot clearer than the Brazilian but it was a lot more money...I like them both. :D It gives you an idea of what you pay for, though.

Although Emeralds are a 7-7.5 on the MOHS scale their crystal make up makes them extremely brittle so a knock or blow to the ring can cause chipping, cracking etc. You should also never get Emeralds near hot water - this can also cause cracking and ultrasonic cleaners are a complete no no. To clean you use a soft baby toothbrush, tepid water and either a baby soap or a washing up liquid.

Most emeralds on the market today have been oiled and they can be re-oiled by specialist jewellers every 3 or 4 years or so. However, treatments to Emeralds are not just about oiling now. Unfortunately some are filled etc etc. Here's a useful article for you to read - it gets a bit technical in places but the table of treatments is useful.

This is easy reading and very informative:

Basically if you buy an Emerald, ask the seller (and that includes TJC) what specific treatments your gemstone has received. That way you'll have a better idea (or your jeweller will) on how to care for it.

In terms of what's better? Colombians are considered (overall) to be the finest quality BUT you can buy dreadful Colombians and beautiful Zambians so in all honesty quality should be judged stone by stone.

What should you look for? A gorgeous colour - Colombians can be slightly lighter and more blue/green, Zambians can be a darker green but of course that's a generalisation. Siberian Emeralds can give the very best Colombians a run for their money in terms of colour and clarity but are much rarer on the gemstone scene. Choose a colour that speaks to you! Of much more importance is clarity. TJC presenters often say that you should never buy an Emerald that doesn't have "jardin" (inclusions). Absolute total rubbish! Emeralds with very little inclusions will always be more valuable!!!! So look for one where the jardin doesn't take over the look of the Emerald.

One other thing to be aware of........... if you've had an Emerald valued in the last few years you may have been surprised that they're not a gemstone that has risen much. So typically a valuation of 5-8 years ago will be about the same today.

At the end of the day don't be afraid to buy an Emerald, just be aware of the care it needs. My Mother inherited an Emerald ring (now mine) and she wore it nearly every day of her life. It's still intact and I'm attaching a picture below. Apart from one tiny inclusion it's practically jardin free! By the way, the "inclusions" you can see in the photo are actually water because I had just cleaned it and it hadn't dried properly! :54:

This ring is over 100 years old and a Colombian at its best!

This is also a Colombian (see how much lighter it is in colour and more blue). This stone does have jardin but they don't detract from the overall look and as its 3ct I could forgive it a few inclusions!


Please post piccies if you buy one won't you?
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Ooh Meesh, just love that pear-shape. So often the designs for pear-shape gemstones are much of a muchness, but that setting is gorgeous and really sets the stone off a treat.

Argey x
That's a real beauty meeshoo. I enjoy reading your posts , you certainly have a huge knowledge of gems and you obviously have a real passion for them. I've certainly learnt a lot! You should write a book as your posts are so descriptive.
Ooh Meesh, just love that pear-shape. So often the designs for pear-shape gemstones are much of a muchness, but that setting is gorgeous and really sets the stone off a treat.

Argey x

Thank you Argey. What a lovely compliment. I actually had this made after seeing a pair of earrings with a bar of gold/diamond/bar of gold/diamond etc and took a bit of a risk getting the jeweller who wasn't English, using my very dreadful Turkish, to try and get what I wanted! The setting is a bit rough and ready and could have been more refined but hey ho! I guess it's "roughness" is part of it's charm for me.

That's a real beauty meeshoo. I enjoy reading your posts , you certainly have a huge knowledge of gems and you obviously have a real passion for them. I've certainly learnt a lot! You should write a book as your posts are so descriptive.

Thank you what a kind thing to say. I'm actually just a boring gemstone anorak! I can often be found propped up in bed having fallen asleep reading about gemstones/treatments! Hubby thinks I'm mental. We have a laboratory at work and I'm sometimes tempted to sneak down and conduct a few experiments! :54:
thank you guys, some great info there for me, and that you for posting the pics too, WOW huggles and meeshoo, amazing rings, truly beautiful.

I will def post pics if i buy one, i am not an impulsive buyer though so will probably keep my eyes peeled for a good one at a good price.

with regards to the wearing everyday thing, i am a bit worried i'd damage an emerald, as i am abit of a clumsy lump at times, always wacking my diamond ring here there and everywhere! Maybe an emerald pendant might be safer!

Thanks again for all your info, pics and links, you all fab! :):)
Hi Meeshoo,you really do have such informative posts,I always enjoy reading your posts and totally unbiased unlike the channels,your emeralds are FAB and your hands are gorgeous showing them off.I'm not sucking up,just being honest.
Thank you Meeshoo for your very informative posts, I read them with great interest because you know what you are talking about when it come to gems.
Your two rings are absolutely stunning, the first one was the type and size of emerald I have been looking for but after reading about the care issues I don't know whether its a stone for me. I wouldn't have problems looking after it, I am very careful with my expensive pieces even though I wear them everyday, its when it is passed down to either of my two daughters, I think I would have to leave a care sheet to go with it.
Good luck with your search Gemdreamer, I think an Emerald is so special that it deserves to be a 'special occasion' piece...
(sorry to repeat but couldn't think of an alternative word). I recall when Emeralds were out of the price range of most
ordinary folks, so its excellent that we're now having the opportunity of owning them thanks to the jewellery shopper channels.

To Huggles and Meesh, well done ladies on such excellent pictures, Emeralds are quite difficult to photograph well.
:mysmilie_738.gif: I know, I've tried and failed! Your rings are lovely indeed.

Meesh, love your inherited piece, I don't recall seeing that before, but can see that its very very special.
Also the pear shape with the unusual and unique setting, it's glowing just like the highest quality Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline.

:) Hope you don't mind the comparison
WOW Meesh!:32:

That is a totally stunning ring!

I dont post that much on here...only when I have something to say (all those who know me pls refrain!!:33:) I am far from an expert, but like many, I buy what I like, and can afford. I have never bought as an investment, although I can understand why some do.

I also like unusual peices, and that is most definately unusual and appeals to me muchly! Have to agree with Argey & Pixie re the comments about pear cut stones often much of a muchness and your informative posts. Yourr are a world away from that. ( Jeez..this sounds so much like I'm brown nosing!!!)

IF...big ever consider selling it Meesh....pls PM me!:5:

Tessekur ederim abla!
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Your emerald rings are so divine,especially the pear cut,what a fab design,so unique:32:

Like many others I love reading your posts,I learn so much from them.

I would love to have a play in your jewellery box,just for an hour or so.........I'd feel like a 4 year old again when you discovered your Mum's make up bag!!!:59:
We have a laboratory at work and I'm sometimes tempted to sneak down and conduct a few experiments! :54:

Hey Meeshoo if I send you my husband any chance of turning him into Jon Bon Jovi??!! :Happy1:

I love both of your rings they are gorgeous. Your nails are nice too lol!
Cherrypicker Thank you. Glad you like it!

NannieA You've made me blush. I'm humbled. Thank you also.

Saphire You've gotta teach em from a young age! My little one is 5 and already knows which gems she can't ping around the sitting room! "Emrulds" are soft aren't they Mummy? Eeeeek, I need to take her out more! A stern warning and a care sheet sounds like a great plan for your daughters!

Sacha I agree totally with you. Photographing Emeralds is like trying to get a picture that makes me look like Cindy Crawford - I almost manage to capture it but there's always something not quite right (i.e. my face!). You're right about the pear shape Emerald, it does glow and it's a good call saying it's almost Paraiba like.

Mothy You're a darling but ozur dilerim satilik deyil. Pardon abla.

Sweetpea You're more than welcome to come for a play! Actually it's what got me started in my Mum's jewellery box AND it was that first Emerald ring that started everything off!

Klos I was thinking more of cooking my faded Kunzite to see if it goes darker but your option sounds better. I wonder what chemicals would need to be added - do you mind if JBV is beryllium diffused? :)

Gemdreamer I can't wait to see what you get - if you do. Got to say though that if you're clumsy, it's probably not the best choice of gemstone (apart from occasional wear).
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