HELP! LG Eye Rimz Lookalike


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Nov 21, 2008
I was most upset that when Laura Geller was on last week they didn't have more stocks of the Eye Rimz - particularly the Blue/Black shade. When it was last on and sold out, someone on this forum mentioned an Urban Decay shadow that was very similar and kindly posted a link to it. I printed it out but unfortunately I've lost it and cannot find the thread. Can anyone help?????? PLEASE! I have checked the UD website but it doesn't show anything similar.
I have all four and they are lovely. You can also use them as an eye shadow - outer third of the lid & in the crease looks v sophisticated.
They are gorgeous. I knew about them a long time back but since I already have all of the LG eye rimz. . I've put off buying them for now.

The Galaxy glam ones are definitely still on my wishlist tho! :32:

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