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Oct 3, 2009

I came across this site by accident, but as I read through some of the posts, I thought wow, I agree with most of these! So I joined the forum and thought I would say hello to everyone

I’ve been QVC shopping for about 4/5 years now. I’ve bought loads of stuff (including the samsung net book I’m using now) but like most folks have cut right back in recent months. My most recent purchases are Bare Essentials and Cooks Essentials, and some Northern Nights bedding for a pressie.

I’m looking forward to chatting with you all, and apologies in advance for my rubbish typing!
Welcome Fatcats, and it's not rubbish typing...lol

I type quickly and make spelling mistakes because usually I am trying to do a few things at once, or chores.......
Hi Paw, I have to admit I took ages to 'compose' my first post, just wait until you see my normal standards! I know what you mean about multi-tasking, I will probably mostly come on here during teas brealks at work - or when I can get away with it, during work, so will no doubt need to type very quickly!!
Hi again, thank you all for the warm welcome!

Stone Mountain, my fav bag range (only one I like really) is on at the mo, I'm hoping to buy a tan leather one for work.
Hi Fatcats, I'm newish... have really enjoyed my time here, it's funny but also very informative and all are really welcoming... enjoy :)
Hi Gracie, I've got a daft question. Is there a help section on this site that shows how to work the buttons (thanks/quots etc)? Sorry, I'm a youngish fifty something technophobe!
Hiya FatCats - Welcome to the forum and don't worry about yr typing - I always make mistakes too!! ha ha!!

Not sure if there is a help section but if you want to thank some for their post just press the thanks button and it puts thanks underneath.

If you want to quote someones post then just click the quote button - then you can either keep whole post in or delete the bits you don't want or even make it bold.

If you ever have any questions just ask - someone is always willing to help!! : )

Hi :hi:,
Hello and welcome to the forum.
Hello and welcome to the forum Fatcats. Great to have you on board. :happy:
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