Hello everyone thought i would join in the fun


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Hi Mirabelle, Good to see you here. Welcome to the forums, I'm sure you'll love it here. I'm Tigerlily on Rocks if you hadn't allready guessed.:)
Hiya Mirabelle...glad to see you made it over here!!! (I'm moops over there!)

:welcome: Mirabelle

I hope you have lots of fun over here - I look forward to seeing all your lovely sparklies from Rocks.TV :daisy:
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum from me too, Mirabelle!

I'm fluff on here and over there :D

All these different names are very confusing so I just kept it simple because .... I am simple!! ;) :D
Hi Mirabelle, welcome to the forum, looking forward to seeing pics of your bling on here.
Im Rebeccab over there too:D
:eek: I would post piccys of all my bling...but i'm no techy and I wouldn't have a clue lol
I can just about manage to post ha ha!!!...maybe in time you never know!.
Hello Mirabelle a huge welcome from me have a great time here and i hope enjoy being with the other members of the LWDDHW club.

That's ladies who don't do housework :D
Hi Mirabelle!

A big welcome from me too!:D Hope you enjoy all the madness on here!:D:D

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