Helene Remy-Clarke Tahitian Pearl guest.


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Jul 2, 2008
This lady has the most beautiful speaking voice. Do I detect a slight French accent? They never ask about herself when she guests [probably need most of the time on sales talk than to find out about the guest]Her voice really can tempt you though. [No, I stick with Ralph and Honora, more my price range but I do like listening to Helene.] Does anyone know if she is French?
......no she isnt french,..but dhe did live in France for a time, I dont know how long,.....and I do agree she has a lovely voice,...very calm, and sophisticated,..but not posh...!!!...or pushy.....
I have met her. She works in the pearl gallery in London. She is very charming - she knows her stuff but is not at all pushy. She will ensure you make the purchase you want but not necessarily the most expensive one, which I find very reassuring.
it says on the pearl gallery website that she was born in france -

Helene Remy-Clarke
Helene Remy-Clarke was born in France and studied gemmology, history of Art and jewellery design at BJO. She moved to London in 1987 and worked for an Anqtique dealer until she decided to strike out on her own in 1989. She travelled extensively to Brazil and over the years purchased so much pearl jewellery that the dealers in Rio christened her "A Rainha das Pérolas" (Pearl Queen).
...sorry, I stand corrected. I only remember her saying she had lived in France, I dont remember her saying she was born there.
you can tell when someone is taught english well they make it sound so beautifull. her diction and pronounciation is classic. love it!

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