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They'e not really all that nice IRL... I had them home for a look-see, and they went straight back. Far too huge and heavy, and the pattern of the colours was quite random rather than a proper rainbow, which didn't do them justice. So you're really not missing much with those!
oh, thats interesting cos in the presentaton of them, i thought that the two curved parts for each one looked different. i dont know if thats just me though. if u manage to see it presented on the deal channel. like not quite a matching pair lol.
I've just seen these on the DOTD presentation, SuzyGlam..... I thought the same thing as you, that they did not look like a correct pair. Now, a few days ago, when I first saw them, that was not my impression.... very strange indeed. Wondered if they might be showing two lefts, or two rights, instead of a matched pair, but I don't think that's quite it, either! I did pay quite a lot of attention to them,then, too, because I really like larger earrings. The other day, by the way, they did go for about £1500. EDIT: no, I tell a lie, they went for £999 in fact.
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glad its not just me, its rather strange when u look, i dont think it could be two of each ear (ie 2x left or 2 x right) cos the curves wouldnt mirror would they..?

lol, its weird. .. and im glad you see it too.!

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