Have none of you gone for the gold TSV then?


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Mar 7, 2009
Would've expected an enthusiastic thread on it by now......?
White gold option appears to have sold out across the board in all sizes (showing as available on waitlist though!) & also several sizes in the yellow gold!
I think this is something you'd have to see IRL to 'appreciate' as it does look a bit like something a 14 year old knocked up in metalwork class at school?
The rest of the items in that first hour seemed to consist of quite a few that they'd blown the dust off & fetched from long-term storage, a bit suspicious when they cart out 1 & 2 star rated items? :(
Well, I didn't go for it, as my spending has been a little uncontrolled of late, but I think it's a stunning looking ring. If I were to buy it I'd go for the yellow gold option.
I think they'll try and offload their old stock before the big Vicenza do. That usually brings in a lot of new designs.
There's only so many rings a girl really needs and according to the family I've exceeded the limit!
Tbh it wasn't my cup of tea. I have no limits. :59:
Does anyone know how many were in stock? It's practically a sell-out.....roll on the OTOs! :D
I think their gold is disappointing,it is usually very light weight and has a very bright shiney finish,it looks obviously cast and the stuff I had looked cheap.This is just my opinion.I do notice they don't put the gold weight on the cheaper,sorry more affordable,pieces.
I'm sure I remember looking at this ring a while ago and it was defo under £100 then and it was not within my budget at that time either!
I liked the ring actually, but don't need or want it enough to shell out for it. I am being much more careful with my dosh lately ;)
It's a nice ring but I did think it was strange that they sold out of some of the sizes that quickly (last night 1am show) ~~ yes i'm sad!!!!

Does make you wonder how many they had in the first place

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