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Feb 12, 2009
Had phone call from company today stating they were from -
'Ideal World & Travel ???'
I kept telling her I did not want to sign up to any travel club and she kept saying - 'I'm not selling anything' I'm from customer services - but that was now the new company name and she was checking on goods and services and on the item I ordered in December (she quoted the corrrect item) and how did I find, delivery and quality of goods from them.
Anyone else heard about their new name???
Well done Lepres, there's a thread on this in this forum called "Special Club". I suggest you take a look at that.

If I were you I would contact IW and more importantly trading standards to make an official complaint about this call.

IW are apparently continually disassociating themselves from this travel company and yet this practise of the caller maintaining they are calling from IW (knowing all your details including credit card number) continues?!

Sounds very dodgy to me!
Hi argy
Thanks for the reply and yes, I did check out that section before I posted - but on there people have been offered so called deals to the Travel Club

however I posted because

Customer services told me their 'Name' had been changed to Ideal World & Travel ??

and wondered if anyone else had heard of the name change
Best wishes
Have you actually rang CS and asked yourself or are you taking the word from the person who called you ?
I was the person that posted the Special Club thread.

I called IW today and after being kept on hold for as long as they could get away with, I was put through to (allegedly) a "Manager" called Brendan Carter who sounded more like he came from Bombay. :12:

He stated that Pressplay are a "sister organisation" so it doesn't sound at all like they are disassociating themselves to me!

I was not given a definitive answer as to how my encrypted credit card details could be passed to another company (sister or not)
I was not given a definitive answer to why I was mislead about the status of this company on the phone.
I was also not told how my marketing preferences had been set to something I would never have considered selecting either.

I have asked that my credit card details are removed from IW's database, that they personally see to it that my details are removed from their "sister company's" database and that my marketing preferences are altered. I slso asked that they credit me for the cost of the calls I was making to put things right and demanded this was all confirmed in writing within 7 days, or I would be informing Trading Standards and any other interested parties.

I have also called Travel Steps (Pressplay) who said that I should have had various things explained properly (including the company status with respect to IW) - but then they would wouldn't they?

And they also confirmed that they would cancel my "membership" and inform me in writing that this had been done.


Fingers crossed....

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