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Nov 1, 2008
sunny cornwall
Have just made a first purchase, seemed a brilliant price -its not a lot of money if its "carp".

Tanzanite pendant [sterling silver] but gold plated with chain £16 plus they were offering "free gift" with every purchase [rrp £14.99]

seemed too good to be true -probably is, Tanzies looked very good though.:40:
The good thing about buying from Shopping Telly channels, is their money back guarantee. At that price, it's worth a look, even if you don't like it, it's always handy for a pressie, and worst case scenario, you could always send it back, though will of course, lose your original P&P and the cost of sending it back.

I'm not a regular buyer from TJC, but have bought a few things and been happy with them.

Seems like a lovely buy. Hope you enjoy it and please tell us what the free gift is when it arrives.

I got a lovely 9ct gold and green amethyst pendant from TJC last year about this time for my neice as a christmas present. It was only £15 as well. It was gorgeous too. I also got the matching stud earrings for £15 a few days later.
I've just had a thought .......... if you return the pendant, do you have to return the free gift also??????

Hope you like it when it arrives.
Thats what i cant understand, Tanzie for £16? i know its ss underneath - but still £16? its either a great bargain or pile of "carp"
Roxy - their standard range of Tanzanite is quite pale - not almost white like some places and a definite blue but it won't be the best Tanzanite in the world (and for £16 I know you won't be expecting that either :)). The Iliana range is a good deep saturated colour (used to be the best) but the creme de la creme is now reserved for their Rhapsody collection.
Thanks meeshoo- tend to stay away from Tanzanite,as it seems very hit and miss [and i think overhyped not to mention over priced] the colour scale seems too extreme.
prefer a good sapphire.

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