Has Anyone had problem with their order being shipped?


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Jun 26, 2008
I rarely order from gems tv and whenever I had ,it has always come on time .
I placed an order on weekend and it was supposed to have come on 5th ,but now they say it will be shipped only mid next week .Whats going wrong??:33:
It's only a guess but I would imagine that they may be busier than usual after the free p&p event.Although it has been quite a few months since I last orderd from GTV,when they changed their shipping options to the two tier system I found that the standard option was usually taking at least a week to arrive,the express option for a pound more usually in two days........I would imagine the free option for weekend buyers is at the slower rate with their couriers.

It's annoying having to wait for a much anticipated purchase I know,but at least it is free and hopefully when it does eventually arrive you will be pleased with your purchase:1:
Since July08, i always pay for premium delivery, as you can choose the preferred date of delivery, and it does arrive on that date, it comes by a courier, and you have to sign for it. Standard delivery to my address takes ages, in fact last year, i waited for my order for nearly 4 weeks. The person who delivered it told me, that as i lived out in the sticks she waited until she had accumulated packages that were destined for my area! I was quite peeved, i had been giving CS a lot of grief, and it wasnt there fault this time.

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