Happy barry ?


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Aug 1, 2008
I hope Barry is ok he does not appear to be his normal happy silly self and i mean that in the nicest way!! It may just be me but it seems hard work for him to be happy tonight.
He was spooked in the studio, it right put the wind up him.
LOL Pepsi, shadows are what started it I think but he carried on like a trooper.
Barry felt a shadow pass over him, then there was a door opened seemingly by itself. Poor Barry was quite spooked, we didn't help much or the crew who kept winding him up. He battled on though bless him like a true pro.

He'd just got back from his hols too AS so perhaps he had a touch of the post holiday blues.
It must've been the night from hell for poor Barry with the ghosties and those stupid pee taking bidders. :mad:

He did really well but does anyone else think a 5 hours stint is too long for one person? It must be really difficult to try and keep the auctions going at a reasonable pace so people don't lose interest and at the same time respond to the chat, satisfy requests and maintain a sense of humour throughout.
:) I agree Fluff...5 hrs must be pretty exhausting for the one auctioneer......

But I'm sure I heard Steve say that he was recruiting for new auctioneers!!!!
(don't quote me I could be wrong). anyone else hear Steve say that!!!? :confused:
Yes Mirabelle he did say he was looking for more presenters and extending the hours. And i agree 5hrs is too long for anyone to be jolly jolly all the time it must be very hard for anyone to keep the pace going never mind keeping up with rocks chat.
I think it's hard to follow on from the double act of steve and sarah last week to barry on his own as you say for a long stint though i must say i find him very easy to watch and listen to.
but i did think the spooks was funny i should'nt be mean cause i think he genuinely was a bit put off but we did laugh out loud hope he's back tonight if the goolies have'nt got him

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