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Feb 3, 2009
I notice that gemstv have now got some lovely silver pieces with rubies and emeralds in them. When i first saw them, i fell in love, and thought what a good idea it was, beautiful precious gems in a more affordable metal, but i was saddened by how high the prices are!
not so affordable after all!
Hi Gemdreamer, and welcome to the forum!

I know the price of gold has gone up, but the price of the silver pieces on Gems lately is equivalent to what we used to pay for gold items! I'm afraid I rarely buy from them anymore.

Quite a few of us have now been converted to the live auctions on www.rocks.tv, check out the thread (NOT Rocks and Co which is on Sky), this company is run by Steve Bennett and is only available via live streaming on the computer.

hi mad4gems and thanks for the welcome :) I have tried rockstv and wasn't impressed i am afraid. I love rocks and co though (apart from some of the presenters:eek:)

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