Happy 1st Birthday Rocks TV


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Jun 24, 2008
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Congratulations to Steve & Sarah and your wonderful team on making it through your first year, hopefully relatively unscathed!

You and your colleagues have brought alot of pleasure to alot of people this year with your gorgeous jewellery, your fun shows, your fair attitudes to your customers, and the ethical stance you take on how you run your business.

I just wanted to wish you lots of success for the coming year and also loads of fun today at your Open Birthday Party.

I'd fully intended to be there today but unfortunately my body has let me down after an arduous week and I'm not up to the drive. Am really upset not to be seeing Steve, Jamie, Tony and everyone from the forum. Will be watching later though to see who makes it into the studio lol (please give Jamie an extra special kiss from me!!)

I hope everyone who attends has a great time and comes away, like I've done on previous occasions, blissed out with having been in the company of some wonderful like-minded people.

Have a great day!!

Lots of love and best wishes from Sammi xxx

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I'd like to add my congratulations and echo Sammi's sentiments above.
After I heard about the hog roast, I'm now very glad I'm not going as it would only have upset me and I did go in January anyway. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to the next one. Have a fabulous day everyone and safe journeys!

Congratulations on your first birthday to everyone at Rocks .... may you continue to go from strength to strength!

Hope you and all the lucky people who've made the trip for the party have a fabulous day.
Happy 1st Birthday Rocks


Where has the year gone, I was one of the many who was there that first night, so exciting and unpredictable.

I've had some lovely pieces from Rocks and my daughter did rather well out of them too via me.

I even got Steve's coffee mug, LOL.

Long may you reign Rocks and the team.
Happy Birthday Rocks!!

Sammi said it all so well so "wot she said" :smile:

I would have liked to go (I was planning to surprise Sammi lol) but cant
Hopefully I'll be able to visit you at the next one

Please contine doing what you do, it is very rare to get competitive prices with excellent customer service
:clapping: :star: :clapping:
Happy Birthday to the best jewlery site and best customer service in the UK
A very happy birthday and many thanks for your wonderful additions to my collection and many kindnesses. May you have many more. xxxx
Well done and congratulations!! Happy first birthday, and thank you for all my fabulous pieces and introducing me to the wonders of marcasite!

Have a great time everyone!

I just wanted to add my congratulations to the long list you already have. You are an amazing channel, an amazing concept, and amazing people!!!

A wonderful team of 'real' people, who treat their customers as human beings, not just credit cards.

Thanks for all the fun I've had since I found you, and long may you continue, in the same vein!!!

Happy 1st Birthday Steve & Sarah, and all the team,Keep doing what you do best..
bringing us all fabulous jewelery at great low prices...Rockstv is the best...
Sorry I couldn't make it again! but had to attend a (surprise) birthday party of my own..

Hugs and Kisses to all, hope you all had a fabulous day...as I did my party was great..

Mirabelle xxxx
Happy 1st birthday rockstv :cake:. I now have a huge selection of jewellery and love wearing them all.

Here's to many more:glass:
Yay - Happy Birthday to Rocks TV!

I went to the Open Day and it was great - wonderful hospitality as usual, and everyone friendly and happy in the sunshine. Already looking forward to the next one!

Apart from the Coloured Rocks crowd, it was lovely to meet Rod and Lynn Jinks from Gems TV at the party. They are obviously great friends of the Bennetts, and seem just as nice in real life as on screen.
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It was great to see so many 'rockaholics' enjoying themselves, when unfortunately I wasn't able to go.

Really great to allow everyone into the studio to be introduced to Alan, and to us - unfortunately we weren't able to hear everyone's name, so maybe next time you could have a 'roving mike' so that we can pick up the names and put faces to them.

Everyone looked as if they were having a great time, and even though I wasn't actually there, I certainly felt the vibes and had a great time in the chat room with all the others who were confined to their homes!!!!

Keep up the great work everyone, best team on the tv!!!!!

It was good fun in the chat room watching everybody troop through the studio as Alan tried to sell us bling!

I especially enjoyed the 'Alan mobbing' moment as one enthusiastic blingster got dazzled by the jewellery on display ....

yep it was a chuckleworthy few minutes flossie. hope everyone is recovering from the journeys and the Grand Day Out!

When i was on Twitter last night, I noticed that Lynn Jinks had updated her status saying how nice the day was. Was sad not to have been able to meet her and Rod.

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