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Aug 15, 2008
Well I have to say that this is the best thing I have EVER brought from QVC and as I have been shopping with them for almost as long as they have been going I think that says something about it. I have never boiled water so quickly, fried so cleanly ,stewed so successfully. The temperature settings are amazing you really can slow simmer a casserole of quick fry steak. and it is saving me my hard earned cash so that I can buy more from QVC.
And it was almost half the price of the Ideal World one and was delivered within the 5 working days, I will be ordering one for my Mum for Christmas.
You don't mean the recent TSV - induction hob thingy do you ? I ordered that and it is a fab little gadget at a fab little price too .
828187 is the item number for mine . :21:
Yep that's the one sorry for the wrong name but have had no sleep for the past 2 nights waiting for a litter of puppies to arrive. So brain has gone into shut down mode.
induction hob tsv

:1: Aw wonderful ! What kind of puppies ? I want one ! Don't think my Jack Russell would agree tho' .
That induction hob is a great item . It boils water faster than my kettle and is ready before I get my coffee out of the cupboard . I have a little Starbucks ritual which is my treat to myself in the morning .
I'm going to take it in my motor home too to save using the gas . But first I have to teach the OH how to use the buttons !!

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