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Jan 23, 2009
I really like the delivery system and halo itself however my container has failed and just wondering how everyone elses has stood up?

The catch which should close the container no longer does. For such an expensive item this is disappointing especially considering that due to its size it has spent most of its life on my bathroom shelf and is not exactly opened lots of times each day!

I wish they would sell it for less and in a smaller container so it could be transported easily which would make more sense. After all half the beauty of it is that it's not a loose powder to go everywhere and not a baked product such as LG B&B which breaks if dropped.
Not had any problems with mine (yet). As you say though, you would expect better from such a pricey product. I'd tell Smashbox and QVC the problem - if you got it recently they may replace it for you.

Have had problems with a LG BnB lid though ...!
No not at all recent because was from the TSV they did a while back. I don't use it every day as mix and match depending on how I'm feeling. Just would have expected it to survive the life of the product if used normally :(

LG B&B I love but have had several mishaps but none of them I can yet blame on the container truly! One I dropped and the lid broke off so this can be used but not transported and another the container survived but the cake broke to peices.
I'm on my 2nd pot of Halo and I've had the same catch problem as you on both pots, qvcaddict. I thought I was just being too heavy handed with mine!
I have had 4-5 pots as I mix and match the colours depending on the season, I have had one that has done this. Not the best packaging but still way better than the models prefer/ybf packaging.
It's funny you should say that QA I had to send my Halo glow back as the catch on the lid broke, it was no good to me like that as I need to be able to take it with me. It also may need to be sealed as it has encapsulated water in it so I don't know if this would dry out. I haven't had any problem with my Halo from the TSV which I use almost every day.
Interesting as this packaging actually won a product packaging award

Winner for most innovative packaging - HALO Hydrating Powder (HBA Awards September 2008) and Elizabeth Arden is already using the design for its mineral make up now!

Might be worthwhile e-mailing Smashbox as well as QVC
Same here re the catches. Had two faulty ones - one that I returned to QVC and one that it was too late for me to send back. Different shades. Can still use it but only at home. It's lovely, but too bulky for handbag anyway. They must have a design fault with these and they are not cheap.
Thank you for replies and interesting that it is not just me and obviously a fault in the design. Was fairly sure I had not been rough with it in any way so just not fit for purpose as cosmetic packaging should ideally outlive the product inside!
Spoke too soon! My catch broke this AM. Have an elastic band round it in a JBD organza bag to spot the lid snapping off completely/powder drying out. Grumble ...
I guess I've been lucky since mine hasn't broken

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I'm almost too scared to touch mine now & when I used it today, opened the catch as carefully as one might handle nitroglycerin & then propped the whole thing up carefully so it wasn't putting the hinge under any strain! lol
I'm on my 3rd pot and the 2 previous ones broke. It doesn't seem to dry out the powder though.

I didn't return them as I leave my foundation in the bathroom and use a clinique powder compact when I'm out. The Halo pot is too bulky for a handbag or briefcase.
it should ok to return if its under 12 months?
On the subject of the very expensive Halo I found Elizabeth Arden do an identical cased mineral powder and I mean identical , great range of colours and £22!
no brush but if your like me you have a ton of them from TSV's, I find it to be brilliant, certainly as good as BE etc.
I'm almost too scared to touch mine now & when I used it today, opened the catch as carefully as one might handle nitroglycerin & then propped the whole thing up carefully so it wasn't putting the hinge under any strain! lol

Me too---.
I've been usuing mine for a while now and still fine. But now I'm scard to touch it. I mught break tomorrow morning...?

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