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Oct 21, 2009

I've not posted on here for such a long time - so much that I don't remember my previous log in so have joined again.

Anyway, I could do with some advice if you can!

I am looking to give either Halo or B&B a go.

I am living in Australia now so pretty much have a bit of colour in my face all year round so just need something to give me a little coverage and even things out rather than a full on foundation.

Both seem to have good reviews but Halo seems a bit better than B&B due to differences in the colouring when baking.

Any tips from anyone who has tried both - also what is the difference between hydrating perfecting powder and boosting powder in the Halo range?

Both have TSV's in November/December but with Christmas mail I don't really have the posting time to order and try both.

I cannot help with the BnB as I have never used it.

Halo the Boost one is more like a bronzer which give a umph to the skin. One shade suits all.

Halo in not really a foundation as such but if you want light coverage you can use it as one. The colours run a little dark I think. I tried the Fair and I am pale with warm undertones. It looked really pale on me very Japanese Kabuki makeup, but 5 minutes later is seemed to have toned in with my skin and looked flawless. There is a hint of gold in Halo which does give a multi tonal(sp) look to the skin. Its not flat like normal powder leaves the face as there is no talc in it.
I use both but agree that halo is not a foundation and if you need cover then you will need to use a concealer for those areas but it will give your skin a lovely finish overall. HTH
I would try halo

I always have a bit of colour and I really only need a bit of help in evening out my skin tone but have found the B & B to be a little bit light for me. It seems to take the glow out of my complexion which seems a bit pointless really. I haven't tried the Halo but the reviews are good so I would give it a go!
Have you tried Bare Escentuals? I find that a light dusting of that works for me. Tan in the summer and medium tan in the winter.
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I much prefer Halo to B&B. with Halo i can get a good colour match. B&B washed me out and covered up the colour i have. I'm now using BE and mixing a combination of medium tan and tan and i can get the right colour
i use both but am prefering halo at the mo, it warms up my skin (i'm a quite dark brunette) and I find it easier to blend onto my skin. Think it's a really good product
It all depends on how much coverage you want. B&b makes you look more "done" and finished, but still natural if that makes sense - a polished natural look perhaps?! like more of a second skin. With you already having a bit of colour to your skin there's no worry about picking the right shade as it will match your skin tone as is.

I find halo gives a bit more of a glow to the skin rather than coverage, and I tend to use it over a tinted moisturiser to give a better coverage and finish. You'll have to make sure you get the right shade straight off though cos I imagine it'd be a right pain to send back if you had the wrong one!

Personally I love both!!
I have just tried the Halo for the first time, Just Beauty Direct do samples so you can try different shades. I love it more than BnB because it is a lighter, more natural texture.
I find BnB dries my skin out, so I prefer Halo, but I do not need a lot of coverage
Halo - does not dry the skin and gives a very natural finish. Makes you look fresh. Not heavy coverage though.

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