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How the hell did they get my email addy ?????????????
Never ordered from them or even looked at the site.
That's a bit of a worry. I take it email addresses from this site aren't given out? I hope not.
I knew it wouldn't be from here G but i was wondering if eeerm lets say a company with the initials IW had summat to do with it.
Are they affiliated with gems at all? Maybe you should ring gems and ask them where they got your email from.
I don't know if they are anything to do with each other Miriam it was just a feeling.
Don't think there's any connection between IW & GTV, but perhaps if you've bought from an online site, they have sold your details to Gems??


(p.s. WHY haven't you bought Mrs Snoops any jewellery???)
Because she has me M4G a jewel that shines for her everyday :D

Reason i suspected IW is i started getting emails from them a few weeks ago,bought stuff from them for years on and off :rolleyes: but only got emails recently,the Gems email was exactly the same day and time as IW latest so i thought ................

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