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Gem Genie

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Jul 30, 2008
North East Wales
Has anyone bought the above and is it really as easy to use as in the demonstration?

Would it be possible to use this for any style of guitar playing?
The rubber replaces your finger, but you have to re-tune the guitar to a non standard tuning. This would then make the guitar no good for normal playing unless you re-tune again.

I would say "learn the guitar properly", but if you need to play something very quickly, then this is not a bad option.

Prices look to be on the high side, a Korg CA-40 electronic chromatic tuner normally sells for £15.
Perhaps a band such as McFly could do with using these in a live setting in order to help them concentrate more on their vocals and what great exposure for the product it would be if they could obtain such esteemed endorsees!!!!!!!!!!

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