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strawberry girl

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Jan 12, 2009
my daughter phone gtv cust services to ask why her authenticity cards for her morganite wasn't there. A very rude and abrasive man said quote " we'll send em in the post, must be coming from thailand, is that all? " and put phone down. nice to feel valued as a customer eh?
The last time I had to speak to them (about the fact that they had 3 payments for one order) they shouted at me.
Customer Service doesn't really seem an appropriate name any more. Sorry to hear your daughter had similar. It's ludicrous when it's their screw-ups your talking about that they try to make you feel at fault.
Bring back the good old days when Gems' cs won awards, and whenever you phoned you spoke to someone who was genuinely interested in helping you!

CS hasn't had the same degree of excellence that it had when Tony Poole was at the helm but tbf it still outshines TJC and Rocks&Co for their speed of delivery and the time it takes to process refunds. I also have to say that I have never encountered anyone being rude to me either so I am still happy to buy from them. I can't comment on CS at the other Rocks as I don't buy from them because I don't like their jewellery designs or enjoy watching their presenters. :pPC:
Last weekend I phoned up through the switchboard number to speak to a Personal Shopper. It took overy five minutes for one to answer the phone and then rudely cut me off as I hadn't dialled the 0845 number. There was no way after that treatment that I was prepared to ring back and spend any money with them. If they can afford to alienate customers like this, good luck to them.
After reading all your comments I wasn't looking forward to calling CS to sort out an order I'd placed a while ago and was still pending.:sadsmilie: However, the girl I spoke was very helpful and my order has now been shipped. :yeah:

I just thought I'd post to say there are still some good ones left. It's a shame though it's a bit of a lottery as to who is going to be at the other end of the phone.

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