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Look at the attached. This was being sold by the presenter as a "Ceylon Iolite". She explained:

"Iolite is a very rare gemstone but you put the name Ceylon in it and it becomes even rarer. We have not just popped the name Ceylon in for a giggle. We have given you this name because it's gone through many gemstone hands and many people have decided yes it gives you the colour, tick that box, yes it gives you the clarity, tick that box and you've got such a superb superb look."


Since when has putting the name "Ceylon" into anything made it more rare? The name Ceylon donates a locality and whilst this Iolite may very well hail from Ceylon/Sri Lanka, the presenter made no mention of this. She was using the word "Ceylon" to donate top clarity and colour. Well, quite clearly, the "many people who have decided that this ......" are both colour blind, haven't seen a good Iolite if it hit them between the eyes and are into hype marketing. This gemstone was almost black with a hint of blue. It was not good. A beautiful Iolite can almost resemble a Tanzanite or Sapphire - does this look like one? No.

So folks, you've heard it here first ............ they don't just pop the name Ceylon in for a giggle but they do it because it makes it even rarer!


Pass the blood pressure monitor ..............


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A bit dull and muddy isn't it? I expect the presenter was mixing it up with Ceylon sapphire...easily done, they are both blue. Simple. :wink2::grin:

It was the same when they were flogging aquamarine(the palest stuff) coloured paraiba again this afternoon. I didn't hear what was being said as I can't bear any sound on when Stacey is jabbering on.

All I do now when I watch is bark "windows" repeatedly at the box. Note to self, stop the punishment!!!

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