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Jun 24, 2008
Ive had grip to me before, the idea is good but the quality was not. I'm wondering if they've managed to improve the quality? Is anyone going for these?
I'm not going for these at this price - jeepers!

If I have a top that slides to the floor the second the wardrobe door shuts, then I wind rubber bands round the hanger tips. It does the job! :D

I got some of these, but from Ebay.

They are really good - spacesaving and "sticky".

By 8am single and triple sets sold out in pink. LaFranks wittering on about how they will all be gone by 9am. Encouraging people to buy 2 triples :eek: Sorry, I can't justify over £100 for hangers, never mind buy 2 sets! My clothes aren't expensive enough to warrant the outlay. They're just hangers!:rolleyes:
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Boy I think this is the worst tsv in my life obviously qvc dont think there is a cerdit crunch for most of us and who the hell is buying this twaddle somebody very rich no dought even if I was tempted I would certainly have to get my monies worth and have them hanging from my ears and hanging from a chain around my neck oh and a good luck charm on my bracelet as I'd need it when oh found out how much I'd paid for the bliddy things
I got when there was a TSV last year and the choice was grey or lavender, and I like mine.
My theory is it is to give he peeps in the warehouse a break, from shipping out 1,000's of beauty items
waaaay to expensive for coat hangers. are these the ones presented/ designed by Joy Mangano on other channels ???
If my clothes fall off my hangers, I just shove them in a drawer! And use the hangers I get free from shops! Complete waste of money at that price I reckon!:eek:
Well, I nearly choked on my cereal this morning when I saw the price for the 3 sets of hangers :eek: I can think of much better things to spend £105 on (+ another £7 for postage). And like someone else, I don't have that many clothes although OH would probably disagree ;)
I saw them once before and thought they looked quite good but I bought a small pack from TKM. They're okay but you'd need the shoulder bits if you wanted to put jumpers on and not leave marks.
I thought the pricing was a bit odd. One set is £40, two sets are £70 so the extra set is £30 but three sets are £105 so the third set is an extra £35. I would have thought £40, £75 and £105 would be a more accurate reflection of their buy more save more description.

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