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Jun 24, 2008
I have watched presentations on these on numerous occasions but I'm
not convinced. I reckon they are only suitable for very lightwear garments.
I'm sure they grip nicely to delicate dresses and blouses but my wardrobe also consists of lots of heavy weight stuff to (ie winter coats!) These hangers look as if they will break in no time. I have already checked the reviews out and they are pretty mixed.
I thought I would ask the valued opinion of all the knowledgeable grapes out there.
Grip to Me Hangers

Think it was a couple of weeks ago I just caught a glimpse of the presentation of the package selling at £115.

How many people have bought these and later wondered why ?

Have to give QVC some credit for its returns policy!
I have them. I only bought the try me kit from QVC though as I found them cheaper elsewhere. They currently have my heavy winter coats on them with no problem. HTH
I love these hangers because they save so much space and would recommend them, but you have a point they aren't totally suitable for heavy coats - even though I do use them for this (one of mine snaped taking it out of the wardrobe because the coat was heavy and I must have bent it).
I have these and they are great - have read on here that they are cheaper on ebay though. I have not used them for heavy coats but do hang heavy cardigans etc on them with no problem. They are much stronger than they look.
I bought a small number from qvc some time ago but have since bought a perfectly comperable set of hangers from Tesco. Heavy things stay on fine in my experience (wouldn't buy anymore from QVC though.)

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