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I just saw it, and thought it looked lovely.

(Meeshoo, I've sent you a private message with regards to a purchase of mine, if you would be so kind please)
I'm sorry Bubbles but I can't reply. I only reply to those sorts of messages on the general board or unless I've known somebody for a while - apologies - but you'll appreciate that you're asking very specific questions and I can't be held accountable.
Why don't you start a thread and ask people to comment? I'm sure they will be happy to help and I will too but I won't respond by PM - sorry!
Hi Meesh, that's really kind of you. I've actually already ordered one - it was on a web game this morning. It does look badly set in the photo, but I also saw them when they were live last week and they looked fine.

I've also got this one in my order

So will have another two andesine rings to choose between (or both). If Sam doesn't come back by next Wed when my 10 days runs out (my order should have arrived by then) I will send the original ring back.

It's a rather expensive order this one - got other things in there too, including a green tourmaline ring which was on the web games for ages at £80and is now £47 - totalling £400 :sweat:
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Greenie - Sam is a man btw!!!! I think he's back in either this weekend or on Monday. He's great at replying but it might be better to phone. If you ask to speak to him, he always comes to the phone and will help if he can :)

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