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Watched him last night, flicking his loaded brush in Den's direction, saying how expensive it was in that big store on the High St. Camera pans out and Den is frantically dusting off her frontage, hoping nobody had noticed. If they didn't the first time, they would when it happened the second time :giggle:
Oh goody! Some car crash TV to look forward to when I get in this evening!! What's he flogging this time?! His faux Bobbi Brown palettes??
I call it the 'comedy cosmetics hour' - it was just appaling last night. I was watching it with my other half, and he just turned to me and said 'I don't know much about make up, but that looks ******* awful, that model looks like she's been punched...' :D . When he swirled the brush into the powder half the pallette ended up on his suit and also on Denniece - it just looks like very poor kerwallity. Also today he made a mess of applying something or other and then blamed it on 'being tired'...just terrible!
slightly off the subject --ish

YEARS ago, I bought an italian marble set, which was presented on air by an Itialian chap and this brand was Mario DEluigi, the odd thing is.. it was the exact same product as Jerome Alexanders and im flipping sure it was him selling it, as i say, it was yrs ago and my memory is not quite photographic, but its always puzzled me if they are the same person??

somebody tell me im not going mental. :emo:
No Suzyglam, Jerome and Mario are two different people so I suppose yes, you are going mental.................:wink2:
I spotted the title and just knew who you meant.

I caught part of one show and yes I watch for the comic effect. He slapped eyeshadow on one model and on close up there was more on her under eye from it falling down than the eyelid.

Mario is a rather charming Italian gentleman now over on QVC.
Jeremo is suppose to be 59, yeah I believe that one. He looks like King Tut's grandfather so must be at least 3000+.

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