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Jun 24, 2008
OK, I'm about to duck under the parapet!! Have just heard the ghastly Nigel, using the same voice as he did for the Pig of the Day adverts, announce that IW are concerned that people who are out during the day are being deprived of craft, so they're starting shows at 8pm - first one next Monday.
Totally ridiculous! They have a channel entirely devoted to crafting 24 hours a day! It is not fair on those who don't like craft and have to work all day if they are subjected to craft at night. I am a night nurse, so my tv time is limited. I record the shows I am interested in and I am sure other crafters who work, day or nights, do the same as me. :rolleyes:

They must be making vast amounts of money from craft sales, concern for viewers has nothing to do with this decision. :mad:

P.S. I have only bought 2 items from them in the last 12 months, they are too expensive! Rant over :D
As long as SW and Goodrich or whatever her name are not presenting. But it is ridiculous how much Craft is on IW :mad:. Still I suppose it must boost the sales' figures. Beggar knows why :(

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